the Territory

the Territory

sestosenso suites is in Campiglia Marittima, in the Maremma, in the province of Livorno. Its historical and artistic peculiarities are an important attraction for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of a medieval village surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Campiglia Marittima is situated in a strategic location, not far from many cities of historical and cultural interest such as Florence, Siena, Pisa, Grosseto, Volterra, Rome, within easy reach, or very characteristic places that embody the essence of the most authentic Maremma, as the Road of the Etruscans or the green route of the Parks, where culture, nature, taste and flavors of the culinary art combine together.

Campiglia Marittima offers a mild climate, a distinctive feature of the seaside areas framed by rolling hills.


Campiglia Marittima is one of the most beautiful historic towns of the Etruscan Coast. In this land of ancient traditions, in the heart of the Val di Cornia, there are striking remains of the Etruscan, Roman and medieval civilizations. Immersed in the peace and quiet of this country you can breathe the history beautifully represented in all its parts.

The Furnaces of the Val Fucinaia, dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries BC, and the Archaeo-mineral Park of San Silvestro, a unique open-air museum, tell the fascinating history of metalworking in the Etruscan times and in the later centuries.

The Thermal Baths of Caldana, in Venturina, already known in the Etruscan and Roman times, are appreciated today for psychophysical well-being.

Among the olive groves, the vineyards and the Mediterranean scrub runs the wine road of the Etruscan Coast, cradle of the fine Val di Cornia DOC, where you can find farms producing wines of great quality, extra virgin olive oil and special local products.

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