the Structure

sestosenso suites it's a boutique hotel that consists of four suites that tell a creative journey studied in detail, starting from the recovery of the tradition to give shape to contemporary and future: a projected dream

Where the past is the new testing ground for art and design. sestosenso suites is also a chameleonic place where three times a year a new exhibition is presented..

It’s a constantly changing location.

A place where, as the seasons, paintings, sculptures, photographs and lots of other art follow each other.

Every four months the four suites are reorganized with objects and works of contemporary art. Each of thirty five square meters, where vintage pieces, transformed into objects of modern memory, mix with thought, sought, found and placed design. And galleries specially realized.

Four suites where even the objects of daily use (the cupboard which becomes a cooker) seem inspired by the world of fairy tales, game and senses, with color and irony.

A place of choice where you can live a few days in harmony with yourself, nature and art.
The basic colors of the four suites, with their brightness and elegance, are the only unchanged elements in this evolving universe.

Each becomes “the place of shades” (and of women that these colors reflect), in a game of positive and negative, new and antique, wood and ashlars, continuity of spaces and geometric fractures, where you can relax cherished by the magic of the senses, in enveloping and restoring  colors. Where everything is permitted. Even beyond the dream itself.

sestosenso suites is a dream home where everything is possible however, including art, on sale for those interested in buying it. Each new performance presented on the spot will be proposed on the site as well. Original, rather unique, ever new, to meet the deepest needs of its current, past and future customers.

Today the four suites on the site are presented “naked”, empty in the artistic signs that are taking place, but not in the sensory expression that even now they transmit to those who know how to seize it. 

sestosenso suites is all this for those who want to live it fully, without reservation, prejudice and hypocrisy.

sestosenso offers almost everything. Even little big things: from the garden with the spices that are used for cooking, to the creativity-room to release the unexpressed. And then the gym, the sauna and the Jacuzzi resting on the soil for those who want to tone up body and mind.

While the Maremma and Tuscany are waiting outside.
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