the Suites

In the sestosenso suites boutique hotel white connects common and passing areas and colors are an absolute must. It’s evocation and essential accessory around which everything revolves: feelings, memories, scents, desires, appeals, flavors, sensory cross-references, including the naming of each suite.

Colors that, however, paradoxically change: during the day they vibrate in several ways, including white, interacting with the intensity of the sun and the shadows cast by the greenery around, hiding or revealing the elements of the suites lighted by windows overlooking the landscape.

While the senses give up to the precious blend of elegance, discretion, design and contemporary art, in the Sesto Senso Suites you can always find, as well as a discreet but attentive hospitality, free simple things like  a coffee machine, stereo with ipod connection, lcd TV in the living room and in the bedroom, chromotherapy, hydro jet massage showers, hair dryer, customized linen for the bathroom, air conditioning.

» La Mora Seduttrice

“capire tu non puoi, tu chiamale se vuoi, emozioni”
L. Battisti - Emozioni *


» La Verde Amorosa

“io sono così, mi hai chiesto 'torna', mentre ero già qui “
L. Pausini - Non ho mai smesso *


» La Rossa Voluttuosa

“perché la vita è un brivido che vola via, è tutt’un equilibrio sopra la follia”
V. Rossi - Sally *


» La Viola Sognatrice

“quando sei qui vicino a me, questo soffitto viola no, non esiste più”
G.Paoli. - Il cielo in una stanza *

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