La Mora Seduttrice

“capire tu non puoi, tu chiamale se vuoi, emozioni”
L. Battisti - Emozioni *

The brown suite, the Mora Seduttrice (Seductive Dark), has the color in analogy with the Earth. So its vibrations are concentrated on the plan of strictly material things but it is also favorite and driven by a softer feeling. Light brown implies genuineness while dark brown takes back to wood or leather, vibrant with force. Strong and reliable, brown is abundant in nature. And it refers to it.

The suite leads to a game of contrasts: white is mixed with brown, like the other suites with red, violet and green. Colors communicate then in an intriguing and involving way with the feelings of their guests.

The brown color has a stylish and seductive component: the stay in the Seductive Dark is pure seduction, resulting even by its chromatic details that give emphasis to antiques, modern objects and design.

* you cannot understand, call them if you want, emotions” L. Battisti, Emotions”

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