La Rossa Voluttuosa

“perché la vita è un brivido che vola via, è tutt’un equilibrio sopra la follia”
V. Rossi - Sally *

In the red suite, the Rossa Volutuosa (Voluptuous Red), red is the supporting element. Even those who prefer to take refuge in soothing neutral colors must surrender to this vital invasion that stimulates the senses without overwhelming them.

Red is the color of strength and enthusiasm. And of materiality and strong presence. Symbol of boldness, red recalls sexuality that knows how to be provocative and voluptuous. But also a symbol of the tender joy of life.

Used to represent the fire, it’s the color of what is destructive and vital at the same time. Power and passion blend well in the red but also the restlessness of shyness, as red is a sign of it. The red suite evokes all this with rooms designed and realized as a creative flashback that tells the desire to recall with disenchantment and irony past experiences to attack the present and the future.  

*because life is a shiver that flies away, everything is a balance above the madness”, V. Rossi, Sally

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