La Verde Amorosa

“io sono così, mi hai chiesto 'torna', mentre ero già qui “
L. Pausini - Non ho mai smesso *

The green suite, The Verde Amorosa (Loving Green), brings in the color of hope and joy. Where love is the hope that allows us to hope beyond all hope, to transform the reality around us, to achieve what seems impossible to us.

Since it’s in analogy with waters, it’s the origin of Life in the macrocosm. And as Aphrodite was born in the waters, therefore the green is sacred to the goddess of love, Venus.
Green represents nature as well, its cycles, the simplicity of the appearance that was given to Earth that became a friendly and productive soil.

It can be deep green as the color of the sea or bright as the leaves that sway. It’s a color that knows how to wait, like love, as it’s cyclically returned by passing time. 

The green suite is suitable for those who believe in the joy of love and optimism and those who absolutely want to conquer them, live them and project them further. 

* I’m like this, you asked me “come back”, while I was here“ L. Pausini, I never stopped

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