La Viola Sognatrice

“quando sei qui vicino a me, questo soffitto viola no, non esiste più”
G.Paoli. - Il cielo in una stanza *

The violet suite, The Viola Sognatrice (Dreamy Violet), leads its guests in the color of imagination and dreams.

Violet is the color of utopia, mysticism. It brings the mystery. And spirituality veiled by a tinge of melancholy, which the memory of things involves.

It’s the dream suite where the universe of the soul, that is born white on the walls of the common areas, here is reminiscing, represented by the gentle flower that evokes the memory.

The violet color comes from the admixture of red and blue that blend and surrender with humility to something new, as if the thoughts and dreams were born from the materiality of the flesh and the boundlessness of the sky.

* when you’re here next to me, this violet ceiling no longer exists” G.Paoli., The sky in a room

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